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Production lines

We design, supply, install and maintain production lines, machines and clean areas that are needed to manufacture your product.

Feasibility Studies

We do the necessary feasibility studies before starting your project to verify its feasibility.

Engineering Designs

We make the necessary engineering drawings for the implementation of your project, which includes architectural and construction designs.

Interior & Exterior Finishing

We do the interior and exterior finishes that help factories to introduce themselves well through the exterior facades and the management offices that designed especially for the factory.


We do the construction works of various kinds such as concrete and steel constructions identical to the highest means of safety for factories.

General Administration Of Organizations

We manage the factories from different aspects like technical management, financial management, and marketing management.

Get to know our company

Union Group for consulting and Engineering projects is a professional company for consultancy services and managing large-scaled projects

We provide the necessary project management and technical support of the work during the supervision of works, retains overall responsibility for the services provided and undertakes to deliver the completed works to the contracting authority.

Our team is dedicted to deliver quality to projects including multiple layers of inspections, detailied planing, communication and an efficient work ethic.